Personalized Fitness Training

Developing Habits and Routines For A Healthy Physique

Totality Living Well takes the guesswork out and meets each client where they are to develop a sensible and effective movement routine which will produce individual desired results and enhance health. Personal injuries, odd work schedules, or excess demands from taking care of others should not be an excuse to not move our bodies as they were designed to do. Totality Living Well has helped countless people from a variety of lifestyles to achieve health goals through fitness that can be easily maintained.

We know that change is not always easy. Small steps in the beginning help to make changes that can last a lifetime



Personal Trainer

Benefits of a Totality Trainer

Your Totality Coach is more than just a personal trainer.

We strive to help each client achieve the Ultimate Level of Health in Body, Mindset and Spirit. We believe that functional movement is just as important as aesthetic change. With Totality you get both!

• Increased Confidence

• Improved Focus

• Personal Balance

• A thriving Body

Our Fitness Program:

Our Totality Fitness Program is not based on a quick fix scenario.

Your genetics, strengths, limitations and goals are all taken into consideration by our team to give you a program that you can implement for long-term health.

• Customized Health

• Weight Loss/Body Sculpting

• Boot Camps •Women Specific Programs

• Speed, Agility and Quickness Training

• Endurance Training

• Competitor Training

• Family Training Programs

Massage Therapy

Neuromuscular Massage is a complimentary component to movement and aids the body in healing while helping the body with various functions.

This ancient healing art has been embraced by both eastern and western medicine. Our Totality Fitness Philosophy incorporates therapeutic touch with movement for a comprehensive approach.

• Stress Reduction

• Lymphatic Detoxification

• Decreased Lactic Acid

• Flexibility

• Injury Recovery

• Injury Prevention