Creating Healthy Food Practices That Will Shape Your Life.

Nutrition For The Whole Family

We all know those things don’t work and can’t last. Our nutrition plans are not based on a heavy consumption of costly supplementation with exaggerated claims. Our nutrition programs are customized by nationally certified nutrition specialists to help each individual achieve quality of health while achieving clearer thinking, balanced moods, more restful sleep, clearer skin, and a healthy lean physique while learning to incorporate healthy foods and habits for a lifetime. The sensible and effective Totality Living Well Nutrition Program can put an end to the quest of those on the endless search for “the” magic diet.

Sometimes families find themselves in a quandary with food allergies, specific weight loss diets, scheduling conflicts and budget constraints, which lead to poor choices and health-related consequences (i.e. Diabetes, childhood obesity, heart disease, ADD, poor learning retention in the educational setting and poor performance in sport activities).

We believe that sound nutrition is key to quality of life and particularly strive to see that today’s children learn healthy nutrition principles that will make a difference in their lives now and as they grow into adulthood. We provide nutritional consultations for all ages and in-home family cooking courses that help the entire family create healthy meals together.

We strive to be a healthy food resource for families who seek to make healthy food choices.

Body Transforming Food

When it comes to our bodies and what we can do to live a wonderful healthy life at any age, food is top of the list.

Whether you have been seeking more knowledge on how to shop or are even dealing with health issues, look no further. Clean nutrition can help!

Nutritional Education Shopping Course

This course sets the foundation for all the nutritional basics you will need to establish healthy eating.

We guide individuals in this course through the hunting and gathering process in the super-market jungle. You will be educated on label-reading and ingredient lists while learning about healthy, natural, non-processed alternatives. With this essential element of health awareness, you and your family are on your way to the Ultimate Level of Health.

Customized Nutritional Plan

The Totality nutritional plans are designed with your unique body requirements in mind.

As certified nutrition specialists, you will be provided with safe and proven nutritional methods that work for both the athlete and novice alike. This unique approach takes your current diet, lifestyle and body type into account. As you progress, the plan changes with you giving you the best results.