Personal Balance

Maintain Quality in All Aspects of Your Life

Neglect in areas of our lives that require cultivating can lead to imbalance. Before we know it, things are off and we don’t know where to turn.

Some of the warning signs of imbalance are obesity, eating uncontrollably, poor sleeping, financial ruin, irritability, high blood pressure, or excessive tobacco or alcohol consumption. Totality Living Well is here to coach you back to your place of balance. No judgments. No long drawn out therapy sessions. We simply provide practical ways to get YOU back to your place of “yes” to live a life of quality.

We have skills and resources to help you in a variety of ways. Our coaching skills and the expertise of respected peers in the medical profession, anti-aging experts, lifestyle specialists, financial professionals and service providers in the environmental sectors can all be used as valuable tools as you create the life you want. Empowerment through accountability teamed with experts who can show you the way are priceless for lasting change.

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Totality Living Well wants to see everyone have the balance that helps to live a productive quality of life.

When one or two areas dominate our focus, other areas are often neglected. That leaves a state of imbalance. We suggest ways to achieve harmony with nutrition, fitness, hormones, environment, family, work and play.


Balanced health is important for the Ultimate Level of Health. Let Totality show you how to achieve it.

A state of imbalance or neglect of the whole person can lead to physical, mental and emotional distress.

• Anxiety

• Lack of Productivity

• Depression

• Relationship Stress

• Decreased Motivation

• Physical Illness