Taste of Totality

Totality Living Well began with a vision from our passion to bring comprehensive health and wellness to people in eastern Tennessee. We wanted to help others achieve the Ultimate Level of Health through body, mindset and spirit.

We believe the body needs healthy, delicious food over fad dieting. Exercise doesn’t have to be grueling. It can be fun, exciting and motivating. Our bodies are also impacted by the things we are exposed to environmentally. Everyone deserves to look and feel their very best with the healthiest options.
Mindset varies with each individual. Your challenges, accomplishments and goals are just as unique as you are. As health coaches, we recognize the importance of customized programs that help you explore your personal needs. When you work with us, you work with a diverse team of coaches who come together with your best interest in mind.

We are certified in multiple disciplines of health and have served clients extensively for more than 25 years. Recognizing that our clients were seeking healthy recipes that tasted amazing led us to creating our first cookbook, Taste of Totality which will debut soon. We believe that you don’t have to lose the flavor as you lose the calories. The Totality recipes were created exclusively by our team (and a few special friends in the culinary arts) with our clients in mind and can be enjoyed by anyone wanting the best of both worlds.

We look forward to serving you as you begin your journey to the Ultimate Level of Health with our tasty recipes!